Why Not Like West Side Story


Is it ridiculous to consider how one’s outlook might change if we burst into song and dance like the folks in West Side Story when confronted with emotion or distress?

I am not saying in tomorrow’s budget meeting I mambo while bemoaning the return on investment needed to purchase new cups for the breakroom, although it would be fun to see Finance and HR rumble ballet like the Sharks and the Jets.

But what if, at a moment when a deadline is shortened, a resource is taken away, or four hours worth of work find its way to the inbox at 6:00PM, a little soft shoe partnered with a quiet, reflective, reminiscent melody illustrating a not-yet-dead dream might make life ever so much more wonderous.

I am going to try it. Not my favorite song from the show, but your mood can’t help but change as you reach the end.


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