A Dream That Lingered

Last night I had a series of dreams that seemed to culminate in what felt like ‘life after death.’

Dream # 1: Dinner with a fellow, I can’t see the food, and can only make out his blond hair and round face.  His smile permeates the drowsiness and follows me into darkness.

Dream #2: I ‘wake up’  and apologize for falling asleep and thanking the fellow from dream 1. He says, “I tucked you in.” He smiles; I feel safe and connected.

Dream #3: I am in a hospital, my fellow is next to me. I see a needle and scream, but what is ominous quickly transforms into a lightness with the presence of a woman. I know her, but I can’t clearly see her face. She readies a needle, sticks my fellow, sticks me, and life ends.

Dream #4: My eyes open to a kitchen. Images of friends pass the windows and the doors. There is a celebration in this home. I ask, “Honey, pass the milk.” The smiling fellow passes the milk…we are complete.

I turn to face the woman, mom,  I lean in and say, “Thank you.” I kiss her and the dream melts into a fog of orange and yellow.

I physically wake up.

That soft-spoken “thank you” and kiss return to me throughout the day. A sense of pure serenity and gratitude accompanies the recollection.

If dreams expose the emotional state, I am happier than I realize.

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