“I Give Up Too.”

I can feel the air leaving my body as I stretch to tie the laces of my shoes. Keeping the laces straight is the priority because the sideway-sitting bow is a signature of the overweight. This morning ritual is just one of many where my breathing is labored, the chest heavies, and mortality whispers its goodbye.

I seem to lack the strength to sustain the changes needed to build towards a longer life. I cling to the refuge of faith to keep me safe, hiding and ignoring my responsibilities to honor a body that, through 40 years of abuse is finally saying, “Fuck you! I give up too.”

If a stroke did not motivate, what will?



2 thoughts on ““I Give Up Too.”

  1. Very well written…I challange you to rise up to this situation. You are a determined individual. I’ve seen you pour yourself into theater with the strength of 10 men. You are an inspiration to many…harness that …control your portion sizes… Limit your last meal of the day. Exercise…. Get up and do it all over….everyday… Live for you, for thoes you love, for God. Live brother.


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